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sai_delgado's Journal

Susan Delgado
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(Bird and bear and hare and fish,
Give my love her fondest wish.)

Susan Delgado of Mejis is sixteen. Tall, with long blonde hair and gray eyes the color of fog, her beauty is unmistakable, but Susan is more than a pretty face; she is clever and brave, if not always wise.

After her da died and due in part to the ceaseless hounding of her aunt, she agreed to go to the town's mayor as his gilly-girl. Although she despised the very idea, Susan -- daughter of Patrick -- had made a promise and intended to keep her word.

But ka comes like a wind, her da had also told her, and when it does nothing can resist, for it will blow your plans apart. Ka came for Susan when she met young Roland Deschain of Gilead and loved him, and he her. They were each other's, then, for a time, and he swore to take her with him back to Gilead at the end of things in Mejis.

(Ka comes like a wind, and nothing can stand before it.)

Susan died on Reap Day in a bonfire as sacrifice according to the old ways, long and best forgot even if still whispered in secret, due to the scheming of her aunt and Rhea of the Coos. Roland and his ka-tet were far off, dealing in lead with the business that had brought them to Mejis in the first place -- but Roland saw it all in the pink globe of Maerlyn's Rainbow, even though he was helpless to stop it.

(Charyou tree. Come, Reap.)

She died burning, did Susan Delgado, and never knew of the Dark Tower. She came to Milliways instead of going to the clearing at the end of the path, blown by that same wind that nothing can stand before.

Ka. Thankee-sai.

Susan Delgado is from The Dark Tower 4: Wizard and Glass and belongs to Stephen King. No profit is being made, and no infringement is intended. This journal is for use in the RPG at milliways_bar. Questions and comments should be sent to silveraspen by private message, email (aspen-at-silveraspen-dot-net), or over AIM (Aspenx3).